What is Skazkodrom?

Skazkodrom is your one stop workshop for unique plush toys. Well sew your very own custom made plush toy based on your photos, images or prototypes.

We get orders from all walks of life: from childrens toys to custom plushies to gifts for Christmas or weddings, and as unique gifts for high-standing officials or famous figures.

Each such custom made plush, handmade as per your instructions or photos, will be entirely unique.

Well take into account any and all of your desires for your soft toy order, from material choice to stuffing, size and functionality (for instance, a customized toy can be crafted with plenty of room inside and a zipper outside, then stuffed with candy, or have straps sewn on to create a unique childrens backpack).


We can even make your plush toy tower above the competition! How about a one and a half meter hedgehog with a pocket on its belly holding a bottle of whisky for your favorite boss?

As you can see, just about anything you might imagine can be crafted for you in the form of an amazing plush toy. Make your own plush toy today!

Interior Decorations

We also craft custom interior decorations, specifically, toy stuffed animals, and even fantasy creatures. For instance, how would you like to own a decorative version of your favorite animated character to hang over your fireplace?


No animals are hurt in the making of our interior decorations. Instead we create plush toy alternatives to real stuffed animals!

Image sent in by a client End result

Caricature Dolls

Caricature dolls are custom made dolls crafted from cloth based on any individual's appearance and boasting an uncanny resemblance.

Such a doll serves as a unique gift for even the most hard-to-surprise person. Custom caricature dolls make a truly unforgettable gift for showbiz stars, businessmen, athletes, politicians, and just about anyone else, really.

Every one of the doll's elements, including garments and accessories, as well as their custom paint jobs, are always entirely unique and done by hand.

We'll make sure to work in all or almost all of your personal preferences regarding your custom made caricature doll's clothing and accessories.

As you can see, just about anything you might imagine can be crafted for you in the form of an amazing plush toy!

Our prices start at $1000 and depend on the clothing and accessories you want on your doll

Heres how to order:

Fill out a small request form with your contact info, attach an image file to act as a reference for the toy you wish to order and write up any additional details that we should keep in mind when creating your soft toy (e.g. size, colour, specific material preference, etc.).

After receiving your order, we will calculate the cost of making your custom plush toy and contact you. Generally the cost of our custom made toys ranges from 350 $. It all depends on the complexity, the materials used, the size of the toy and any other additional desires for the toy that you might have.

If you find the price acceptable, you can then proceed to transfer funds in whichever way you find more comfortable (now we are accepting paypal), after which we begin crafting the toy.


Terms and delivery

We will need up to 10 work days to complete your order.

Shipping cost will depend on your location, size of the toy and shipping company. Normaly it's up to 100$ by regular post worldwide.

Delivery may take up to twenty work days for USA and Europe, fifteen work days for Great Britain by regular post (EMS post Russia), so keep that in mind if you are planning on ordering a gift to be given on a specific date.


We guarantee the quality of our soft toys and put our money behind that guarantee. This means that if within 14 days of receiving your order you are not fully satisfied with the quality of our work for any reason, we will refund your money and you can keep the toy.



Our blog


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