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Caricature doll is a spesial gift for a hard-to-surprise person

Caricature doll is a spesial gift for a hard-to-surprise person You send us image we make a custom soft toy for you!

Such doll is made upon your wishes to clothes acsessoirs and so on.

tv caricature doll boxer

It’s a good present for tv-stars, sportsmen, politics, high officials and businessmen. The image and clothes could be any – from basic official clothes to wizard cloth from fairy tale! Everything depend on your creativity, hobbies and sence of humor of a person you make present for



Hello everybody! Decided to give my daughter a birthday present in the form of Findus the cat from the “Adventures of Pettson and Findus” cartoon based on the books by Sven Nordqvist. Since the character is rather unique, I searched online for ages, yet all I was able to find were various cheap Chinese knockoffs with unbalanced features and so forth. Then I saw a link to this site and noticed the option to order custom soft toys. The toy wasn’t cheap but definitely worth it. I wrote an e-mail with all the details for the toy I wanted made and attached a colored image from one of the books so that the toy would look just like the character I wanted it to be based on. The order was taken in right away. Had to answer a few follow-up questions regarding the toy’s size first, but that was also taken care of in a timely manner (I needed a toy no taller than 25-30 cm since I wanted my daughter to carry it around while the only Findus toy available on the site was 50 cm tall). A bit over a wee...

What you get

  • We will craft unique handmade caricature doll based on you photo
  • We will take into account all your wishes regarding clothes and accesoires
  • You will get aboslutely one-of-the-kind portrait caricature doll

How to order

Fill out a small request form with your contact info, attach photo and wishes for the future doll (like size, wishes for clothes and accesoires)
After recieving you order we will contact you about details, wishes and prices
If you find the price acceptable, you can then proceed to transfer funds in whichever way you find more comfortable, and we start craftind a doll.

Terms and delivery

  • 1. We will need from 14 to 30 days depending on complexity of work to complete your order
  • 2. Shipping cost will depend on your location, size of the toy and shipping company. Normaly it's up to 50-60$ by regular post worldwide.
  • 3. Delivery may take up to 14 working days for USA and Europe, 10 working days for UK, up to 20 days worldwide by regular post (EMS post Russia), so keep that in mind if you are planning on ordering a gift to be given on a specific date.

Why choose Skazkodrom?

Give us a try. You don't take any risks. See our guarantees below
100% handmade unique toy
You get totally handmade toy based on your wishes. One-of-the-kind on the planet and only for you!
Love and passion in each toy
Each toy we make is made with acuracy and detail work.
Every member of our team has minimum 10 years background of toys making
You get professionally made toy with all your wishes!
You like the toy. Or money back AND toy yours for free!
Don't like result?
We'll make you full refund! And you can keep the toy! You don't take any risks! We are responsible for result - and WE lose money if YOU don't like our's work!
We guarantee: you get exactly what you want. Or money back AND toy yours for free!
We will work hard to fit all your wishes!
This IS our job.
You get your own one-of-a-kind plush toy
We guarantee: you get high quality toy. Or money back AND toy yours for free!

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