Skazkodrom is your one stop workshop for unique plush toys.

We’ll craft your very own custommade plush toy based on your photos, images or prototypes.
What You Get
  • We make the toy basing on your images, sketches or photos
  • We will take into account all your wishes and details
  • You will get the toy of your dream


    Alex You send us image we make a custom soft toy for you!

As a matter of fact, in real Bill appeared to be even better than in the pictures. Great likeness with a picture I sent as an original. Taking into account that a lizard is not that ordinary as teddy bears, cats and dogs.
Frankly speaking, I had some doubts in the possibility to achieve such a similarity with the original picture.
So I am doubly happy.
What I really like is carefulness to details (bottoms, fold where they are expected to be etc.)
Though the toy was meant to be created for my daughter, I am really enjoying it myself))

Generally, “Skazkodrom” made perfect impression on me.
We achieved the agreement very quickly: what is possible, what is not, subsequent approval.
Order was made within a week – which is even faster then it had been agreed on.
The catalogue of toys appeared to be very useful. In fact, it happened to be a decisive argument in choosing “Skazkodrom” – you can see the capabilities and skills of artists.

Vyatcheslav, thank you very much indeed!

Any questions? Easy order!
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