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    Ruslan You send us image we make a custom soft toy for you!

Hello everybody! Decided to give my daughter a birthday present in the form of Findus the cat from the “Adventures of Pettson and Findus” cartoon based on the books by Sven Nordqvist. Since the character is rather unique, I searched online for ages, yet all I was able to find were various cheap Chinese knockoffs with unbalanced features and so forth. Then I saw a link to this site and noticed the option to order custom soft toys. The toy wasn’t cheap but definitely worth it. I wrote an e-mail with all the details for the toy I wanted made and attached a colored image from one of the books so that the toy would look just like the character I wanted it to be based on. The order was taken in right away. Had to answer a few follow-up questions regarding the toy’s size first, but that was also taken care of in a timely manner (I needed a toy no taller than 25-30 cm since I wanted my daughter to carry it around while the only Findus toy available on the site was 50 cm tall). A bit over a week after my order I was informed that the toy was ready and that it would be dispatched to me soon. I also received several photos of the finished product via e-mail. At first the photos made me think that the toy didn’t look quite the way I wanted it to, yet when I opened up the package and pulled out the toy itself, all my fears were swept away. The toy was a definitive depiction of Findus with the same face, green striped pants and a red winter glove on his tail:)) A big thanks to Vyacheslav and everyone else who worked on this project, and thanks for putting in the effort for making him the right size ? I’m sure my daughter will remember this present for a long time to come. Hopefully Findus will become her best friend to be taken everywhere and not just another random soft toy to be thrown into a dusty cupboard.

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