Skazkodrom is your one stop workshop for unique plush toys.

We’ll craft your very own custommade plush toy based on your photos, images or prototypes.
What You Get
  • We make the toy basing on your images, sketches or photos
  • We will take into account all your wishes and details
  • You will get the toy of your dream

Kuro from Tekkon Kinkreet

In Treasure Town, orphans Black and White rule the mean streets through violence and terror. These lost boys are direct opposites: Black being a streetwise punk who embodies everything wrong about the city, while White is an innocent dope, out of touch with the world around him. They’re on the quest to prevent a yakuza plot to turn this city into an amusement park. Together, they’re unstoppable as they take on petty thugs, religious fanatics and brutal yakuza. Kuro soft doll-toy.

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