Skazkodrom is your one stop workshop for unique plush toys.

We’ll craft your very own custommade plush toy based on your photos, images or prototypes.
What You Get
  • We make the toy basing on your images, sketches or photos
  • We will take into account all your wishes and details
  • You will get the toy of your dream
  • Flying Totoro plush

    One more remake of adorable furry spirit from animation of “My Neighbour Totoro”

    Furry and 100% magical Totoro plush will become a favorite friend of each girl or boy fans of this beautiful movie.

  • Totoro plush toy

    This recent project was developed as an anniversary gift for a wonderful person in the form of a Totoro toy. The toy featured high quality fur and a name tag 🙂


    For reference: Totoro – a kind and furry forest spirit – is from the renowned Japanese cartoon called “My Neighbour Totoro”, a favourite of both adults and children around the world.


    A Totoro plush toy is generally one of the most effective gifts for a fan of the wondrous Japanese world of My Neighbor Totoro.

    As such, if you ever feel like you have a desire for a Totoro plush toy, we’ll be happy to craft one for you individually with any of the various poses and grimaces seen in the animated film along with an optional tag for a name or well wishes. Just let us know!